Event-Promotion-Messe-Service (EPMS) | Staff
EPMS Event-Promotion-Messe-Service Vermittlung v. Messehostess Hostess (Messehostessen Hostessen) Messepersonal Eventpersonal f. Messe Event u. Veranstaltung seriöse Begleithostessen Servicepersonal Messepersonal Promotion Personal Testkunden
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Attractive and cheerful, spot on time and motivated, multilingual trained and educated, sociable – we put emphasis friendliness. These qualities are naturally given with emps staff.

  • Exhibition-Hostesses/-Hosts You are the VIP. We offer individual service for your individual needs.
  • Consultant-Hostesses/-Hosts Knowledge equals power. Our staff, responsible for information service advices spot on and widespread.
  • Event-Hostesses/-Hosts “No place like home” We will support your team to make your guests wanting to stay.
  • Service-Hostesses/-Hosts Catching cheerfulness, perseverance and highly professional performance is consequently given.
  • Promotion-Staff Your goal will be reached during straight forward contact to potential clients. Your product will shine in the spotlight to increase your business volume.
  • Security Staff Everyone is asleep, we are wide awake.
  • Model-Hostesses/-Hosts and Models Taste and beauty. Mixed characters, meeting your expectations. With a tendency to extraordinariness on your request.
  • Presenter/Host Professional hosts will represent your company in an eloquent and smart style. We stay at your service and will take all your wishes and special requirements of equipment into account to put them immediately into practice.
  • Artists Vocalist, Pianist, Big-Band- you name your music-wish, we provide the programme to complete your event.
  • Test customers/Interviewer Evaluation. Evaluation. Evaluation. Ever wondered what your staff is up to when you are not around? We can let you know.

The first impression counts. Our staff will be apparelled according to your needs. Choose optional and individual: Business-outfits, team-wear, Promotion-dresses, evening-attire, individual designed clothes, leasing-outfits you name it  – we provide it.


We at epms make the difference between a good and a perfect event!